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Hello good morning, when you are interested in Posters & Prints merchandise, at this point that you are on the right blog. That you are studying Vintage Tool Art Print publish. And also in this Vintage Tool Art Print publish I’m hoping you will discover helpful details before you acquire Posters & Prints merchandise. Right now I must reveal for your requirements fine detail info on Vintage Tool Art Print. For tiny info that Vintage Tool Art Print product is done by simply Happy Bungalow corporation.

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This print is based on my grandfather’s hand-drill. I’ve used it a few times – it works still – but better yet, it holds many happy memories.

Printed on heavy weight archival (acid free) gray paper with archival inks. The print won’t fade or change color over the years (just keep away from direct sunlight). Note that the mat, frame, and any props are not included. Your print will not have a watermark.

Prints ship in a poly sleeve with cardboard backing in a padded envelope to ensure a crumpled mess won’t shop up at your door. All of our prints make come with a lifetime warranty (now including replacement in case of theft by no-good art-thieves). Note that we do our best to represent colors accurately, but colors may vary slightly due to monitor variations.

copyright 2017, Don Clark – artist retains all rights to artwork; sale of print does not transfer reproduction rights

Interested in purchasing more than we have listed? No problem. Just contact us, we can make as many as you need (typically with quick turn around times).

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